2 llamas
May 2, 2019

Do you want to try something cool and unique while you’re in the Smoky Mountains? If experiences that are unlike any other pique your interest, you’ll definitely have to check out the Smoky Mountain Llama Trek! Groups of people hike with llamas on trails in the Smoky Mountains for day hikes or overnight hikes. Don’t hesitate to check out these 4 reasons why you’ll want to go on a Smoky Mountain Llama Trek:

1. Spend All Day with Llamas

White llama

Are you an animal lover? Obsessed with llamas? Then this is definitely an activity you’ll want to do while you’re in town! You are able to choose if you want to spend just one day hiking or do an overnight hike with llamas. Smoky Mountain Llama Trek promises their llamas are friendly and thoroughly trained to not bite, spit, or kick humans. Before you head out on the trails, you are able to meet with the llamas and get to know them. Most of them enjoy being petted, hugged, and loved on. You’re even allowed to bring them snacks like oatmeal cookies, graham crackers, and bananas. Plus, you can get to know all the llamas before you even go!

2. Unique Experience

You probably haven’t experienced anything like hiking with llamas before. Who doesn’t want to say that they got to hike with these fluffy creatures? You’ll love every second of this completely unique experience. You can be as involved as you want; you have the option to lead your llama that is holding your picnic basket, tent, tables, and chairs. If you don’t want the responsibility of leading the llama, you don’t have to! Plus, where else can you have a sleepover with real, live llamas? With the overnight trek, they provide everything you need for you! They will bring tents, sleeping bags, pillows, lanterns, a stove with propane, coolers, a coffee-maker, and crock pot along with tables and chairs. The only thing you’ll need to bring is food, beverages, and paper products. You don’t want to miss out on this experience!

3. See Features of the Smokies

rainbow over smoky mountains

Who doesn’t want to see how beautiful the Great Smoky Mountains are? One of the best parts of the Smoky Mountain Llama Trek is you get to see a variety of sights you’ll only find in the mountains. You might see patches of wild blackberries during the summer. Large fields will have hundreds of wildflowers sprinkled across them. On some trails, you might see brooks and creeks where fish and salamanders live. One trail even has beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains that you’ll definitely want pictures of. You might even see other creatures along your hike!

4. Choose Hike Type

Going on this kind of trip is neat since you get to choose what kind of hike you go on. Some places only have one or two options. Smoky Mountain Llama Trek has a variety of trails you can choose from. The Padgett Mill Trek is considered easy to moderate, which is perfect for hiking novices. On this trail, you can choose from the regular trail, which is 1 mile or the extended with 2 miles. Creek Hollow Trek is considered moderate, with wooded and grassy areas that stretch over 2 miles. You can also choose to do the overnight trek!

You definitely don’t want to miss this unforgettable experience at Smoky Mountain Llama Trek! Go ahead and book your hike today! Plus, if you want to know about other hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains, check out our family friendly hiking trails.