mountains in the fall
September 27, 2023

If you’re planning on visiting the Smoky Mountains in the fall, you’re in luck! There are tons of reasons why visitors love coming to the area during this time of year, from the incredible display of the fall foliage to beautiful weather and more. Whether you want to go hiking, take a scenic drive, or explore the park another way, here are some of the top reasons you’ll love visiting the Smoky Mountains in the fall:

1. Fall Foliage

fall colors in the Smoky Mountains

One of the most incredible reasons you’ll love visiting the Smoky Mountains in the fall is the yearly display of color that comes with the changing of the leaves. Visitors love watching as the lush green forests of the Smokies transition to a vibrant combination of reds, yellows, and oranges. Take a hike through the midst of the trees to enjoy the colors up close and personal, or head to an overlook to admire the views for miles and miles.

2. Beautiful Weather

Another reason you’ll love visiting the Smoky Mountains in the fall is the gorgeous weather that the area has during this time of year. Say goodbye to the sweltering heat of summer and say hello to crisp air and pleasant temperatures. The fall weather presents a perfect opportunity to enjoy all the park has to offer, from trails to picnic areas and more!

3. Chances to Spot Wildlife

bear in the smoky mountains

Fall in the Smoky Mountains is a great time of year for those looking to spot local wildlife. The moderate temperatures of the fall encourage many of the animals in the area to spend more time out and about, giving visitors an increased chance to spot them. Cades Cove is arguably the best spot in the park to see animals, with white-tailed deer and black bears commonly sighted in the area. Just remember to keep your distance from wild animals and do not disturb their natural environment.

4. Great Photo Opportunities

The gorgeous display of fall foliage combined with the beautiful weather creates a perfect time to take stunning photos. Pose with your loved ones at an overlook or try to get that perfect shot of some native wildlife. No matter what photos you want to take, fall in the Smoky Mountains is an ideal time to take them!

5. Lots of Ways to Enjoy

cades cove loop road in the fall

There are so many ways to enjoy fall in the Smoky Mountains, which is yet another reason you’ll love visiting. If you’re looking for an adventure, you can check out the more than 850 miles of trails here at the park or even go horseback riding! If you’re interested in history, you’ll love discovering some of the historic buildings in the area. You can even enjoy the amazing sights from the comfort of your vehicle when you go for a scenic drive here in the park! There are so many choices, so everyone can find something they’ll enjoy!

With these amazing reasons you’ll love visiting the Smoky Mountains in the fall, it’s no wonder people come back to the area time and time again to enjoy all this incredible season has to offer. Are you ready to see it for yourself? Then plan your next visit today! And if you’re looking for somewhere to stay during your visit, check out these great options for lodging near the Smoky Mountains National Park!