gregory bald
March 12, 2020

If you want to explore the Smokies and see gorgeous mountain views, you should hike on the trails! There are quite a few trails where you will see views of the mountains, but the ones we are going to share with you will blow you away. Check out these top 4 hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains with mountain views:

1. Andrews Bald

andrews bald

The easiest hiking trail in the Smoky Mountains on our list is Andrews Bald. The roundtrip length is 3.5 miles. Friends of the Smokies renovated the trail to make it safer and easier to reach the top, so you will find rock staircases along the way. A good portion of the trail takes you through old forest growth where you could possibly see wildlife, and you’ll definitely see all kinds of native plants throughout the year. Once you get to the bald, you’ll find grassy meadows. Many people enjoy bringing picnics to this area or just spread out a blanket and enjoy the view. You’ll be able to look out and see breathtaking views of the mountains.

2. Gregory Bald

Gregory Bald is a longer hiking trail than Andrews Bald. Its roundtrip length is 11.3 miles, and it is considered difficult. You’ll hike through the forest, seeing all kinds of native plants and possibly even wildlife. What is really magnificent about this hike is the bald. A bald is a meadow on a mountaintop. It could have been created by nature or by early settlers in the Smokies. This hiking trail in the Smoky Mountains is known for its vast variety of flame azalea. In late spring and early summer, you will find red, orange, pink, and white flame azalea at the bald. The variety of this plant actually help contribute to the national park becoming the national park!

3. Chimney Tops

chimney tops

The hike to Chimney Tops may only be 3.6 miles roundtrip, but it is considered difficult. This hike is considered hard because of the amount of elevation you gain in such a short span. You gain about 1,300 feet in elevation. Chimney Tops was renovated after the devastating fires in 2016, and due to safety, the final stretch of the trail has been blocked off. The renovations include a new lookout point where hikers can enjoy views of Mount LeConte and the pinnacles.

4. Mt. LeConte

Did you know you have multiple options if you want to climb to the top of Mt. LeConte? There are 5 trails you can take to see the amazing mountain views from the top of the tallest mountain in the Smokies. If you take Alum Cave Trail, you will see all kinds of cool geological features as you make your way to the top. Bullhead Trail provides you with beautiful views as you hike, as well as at the end. Rainbow Falls Trail is very close to Bullhead Trail, and you can actually create a loop if you start on Rainbow and descend on Bullhead. Rainbow Falls Trail will provide you with the opportunity to see the tallest single drop waterfall in the Smokies. You can also use the Appalachian Trail or Trillium Gap Trail to get to Mt. LeConte.

These are just a few hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains you can try to see beautiful mountain views. Want to see beautiful waterfalls in the park? Click here to find out about the best waterfall hikes in the Smoky Mountains.